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Channel 4 at 25

Midlands Centre celebrated the 25th anniversary of the launch of Channel 4 with an event that revisited its early years and examined its current state.

Lecturer and RTS Fellow Dorothy Hobson, talked with Mike Bolland, commissioning editor for youth and entertainment in the first years of the channel, about how C4 worked with ITV companies and newly emerging independent producers and how it changed the nature of British broadcasting.

Channel 4's Adam Gee (L) and chair Mike Bolland (R)

Channel 4

Hobson’s book, Channel 4: The Early Years and the Jeremy Isaacs Legacy, has recently been published.

Moving right up to date, Adam Gee, Channel 4’s new media commissioner spoke about how new media is now integral to the way that Channel 4 sees its future. 4Talent Central’s commissioning editor, Catherine Bray, talked about the future for new talent, and in particular 4Talent’s new schemes.

There was a lively discussion about all aspects of the channel, its history; its highlights and the way that it strives to continue to fulfil its aims. The evening was produced by Mars Elkins.

By Dorothy Hobson


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