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Rustling Brands

In a difficult economic climate, producers and broadcasters are keen to explore new means of funding programmes. So, RTS Midlands Centre attracted a sell-out audience of more than 100 to its one-day conference on advertiser-funded programming (AFP), held jointly with Screen West Midlands and Business Link West Midlands.

The consensus of the first panel discussion seemed to be that AFP was about the successful liaison of a brand, a programme idea and the right programme maker and broadcaster; the resulting programme should enhance the reputation of the brand by its association with the programme and vice versa.

Not surprising then, that 90 per cent of AFP ideas do not make it to television, revealed Ben Kerr, content director at Drum PHD.

His fellow panellists were: Zoe Fuller, head of planning at Thikbox; Katherine Marlow, content partnership planner at ITV; Jo Rosenfelder, commercial affairs director at Maverick TV; and Drew Wilkins, account manager at digital agency Fish in a Bottle. THe sessions was chaired by digital strategist Rachel Modecai.

A second panel, chaired by David Bausola of Ag8, looked at Routes to Market. The panel comprised: Dan’l Hewitt, head of digital content at Bebo; Luke Hyams, writer/director, Dubplate Drama; and Graham Sergeant from Codemasters. The discussion covered games and online drama as well as more traditional formats.

Luke Hyams (Left) and David Bausola (Right) during the Routes to Market session.

Luke Hyams (Left) and David Bausola (Right) during the Routes to Market session.

The last session looked at case studies, at the end of which, delegates agreed that the Rustling Brands conference had been of outstanding benefit. The producer was Mars Elkins.

By Dorothy Hobson


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