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The ‘Glory Days’ of Television Outside Broadcasts

The RTS Mids Centre presents a look through the archives at the history of Television Outside Broadcasts in the UK with Norman Green. Starting in 1937 and taking one through to the early 1980’s, the presentation, which is non-technical, will show how programme makers pushed technology to show a world most people could only read about.

The ‘Glory Days’ is mainly comprised of video material both from in front and behind the camera, much of which has not been seen in public before or since its original transmission.

Places are limited, so please ensure you book via http://gloryob.eventbrite.com.

About Norman Green

Norman started his career at EMI Research Laboratories before joining the Engineering Department of ABC Television, where he worked on investigations into various colour systems for film in television. He later designed and built the first computer controlled presentation and master control system in Europe for Thames Television.

In 1972, Norman was appointed the first Head of Engineering at the ITCA, where he was responsible for the 16 ITV Programme Companies and ITN. He was responsible for the management of ITV’s three technical development laboratories in London, Manchester and Glasgow. The laboratories’ activities covered a wide spectrum of projects embracing new audio, video and data systems and solving particular problems for the ITV Network. They were responsible for the development of the first all digital video studio control suite in the world and designed Europe’s first mobile High Definition Television production and post-production facility.

As Head of Technology for ITV Norman was a member of many national and international committees concerned with the technical standardisation of television. As a member of the EBU Bureau he represented all British Broadcasters, both radio and television, including the BBC.

After the change of ITV franchises in 1992, Norman left the ITCA in 1995 and became a consultant. Work for the ITC, ITFC and the DTI followed. At the Department of Trade and Industry he was Project Manager of the Interactive Multimedia Digital Test Bed Project that supported many projects related to digital television and DVB. 35 years ago he received the Fellowship of The Royal Television Society for an outstanding contribution to the development of television.

In 2005 Norman was invited to give the Annual IET John Logie Baird Memorial Lecture entitled The EMI Contribution to the Development of Practical Television – ‘The Dream Team’ – a history of the enormous contribution EMI gave to the development of electronic television.


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