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The Digital Switch Over

DSO – the greatest project in UK broadcasting

The RTS Mids Centre in conjunction with the Institution of Engineering and Technology is having a joint presentation on the Digital Switchover on March 16, at Austin Court, Birmingham, at 6pm. This free event is with speakers Peter Heslop, DSO Director, Arqiva and Neal Ackroyd, Principal Network Design Engineer, Arqiva.

The Digital Switch Over project peaks in 2011 as some of the largest TV regions move to all-digital transmission. The implementation of this five-year £700m project is a major engineering and logistical exercise, led by Peter Heslop at Arqiva. In this lecture, Peter describes what is involved in DSO, the big challenges that it presents, progress to date, unexpected issues and critical success factors.

The reality is that Arqiva has to replace 5000 existing analogue and 500 lower-power digital transmitters with a new high-power digital network, ideally without anyone noticing! Neal Ackroyd explains how the roll-out plan minimises disruption to existing services, how the new network was designed, and how HD services were incorporated into the main roll-out and in advance of DSO for main population centres.

IET/RTS members can book online. RTS members, you can also book via Terry Stanton on 07831 173123.


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